Susan Kuivalainen

Head of Department, Research
D.Soc.Sc., Docent
+358 29 411 2184

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Areas of research

  • social policy
  • social security
  • the ageing of the population
  • welfare
  • comparative research


I am the Head of Research at the Finnish Centre for Pensions and in charge of our research in support of the evaluation and development of earnings-related pensions in Finland. My research subjects focus on social security schemes, comparative socio-politics and the economic well-being of the population.  Recently, my research has focused on the livelihood of retirees.

I have worked as the Head of Research at the Finnish Centre for Pensions since August 2013. Before that, I worked at the National Institute for Health and Welfare as a research professor in the Minimum Income Unit and as a lecturer/professor at the University of Turku.


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