Kati Kuitto

Senior Researcher, Dr.phil.
+358 29 411 2479



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Areas of research

  • comparative welfare state research
  • pension systems and policies in international comparison
  • social security and social insurance
  • diffusion of social policy.


I am a senior researcher and political scientist with a research focus on a comparative analysis of the welfare state and social policy developments. In particular, I am interested in the change of social policy and social security in the context of changing labour markets and the adequacy of pension provision. In addition, I am working on issues relating to policy learning and diffusion of social policy.

Before joining the Finnish Center for Pensions in 2015, I worked as a researcher and lecturer at the University of Greifswald, Department of Political Science. Together with Lyle Scruggs (University of Connecticut) and Detlef Jahn (University of Greifswald), I am a principal investigator in the Comparative Welfare Entitlements Data project providing global comparative time-series data on social security benefits.

Selected publications

Susan Kuivalainen & Juha Rantala & Kati Ahonen & Kati Kuitto & Liisa-Maria Palomäki (eds.) 2017. Eläkkeet ja eläkeläisten toimeentulo 1995–2015 [Pensions and pensioners’ economic welfare 1995–2015]. Eläketurvakeskuksen tutkimuksia 01/2017.

Kati Ahonen & Kati Kuitto & Liisa-Maria Palomäki (2017) Eläkeikäisten toimeentulo ja pienituloisuus eurooppalaisessa vertailussa [Income and poverty of retirees in a European comparison]. In: Kuivalainen, S. & Rantala, J. & Ahonen, K. & Kuitto, K. & Palomäki, L.-M. (eds.) Eläkkeet ja eläkeläisten toimeentulo 1995–2015 [Pensions and pensioners’ economic welfare 1995–2015]. Eläketurvakeskuksen tutkimuksia 01/2017.

Kuitto, K. (2016) Measuring welfare entitlement generosity in developing welfare states: the case of post-communist countries in Central and Eastern Europe. Social Indicators Research, First Online 17 December 2016. Full text version.

Kuitto, K. (2016) From social security to social investment? Compensating and social investment welfare policies in a life course perspective.  Journal of European Social Policy 26(5), 442-459. Accepted manuscript version.

Kuitto, K. & Helmdag, J. (2016) Extending the tail end of working lives: How policies shape labour market participation and retirement of older workers. Manuscript version September 2016.

Helmdag, J. & Kuitto, K. (2016) Interdependent Learning from Policy Success: Contextual Diffusion of Active Labour Market Policies. Greifswald Comparative Working Paper No. 10, September 2016.

Kuitto, K. (2016) Post-Communist Welfare States in European Context: Patterns of Welfare Policies in Central and Eastern Europe. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing.

Kuitto, K. (2016) Miten mitata eläketurvan riittävyyttä? [How to measure the adequacy of pensions]. Työeläke 2:2016, 12–13. 

Scruggs, L. & Jahn, D. & Kuitto, K. (2014) Comparative Welfare Entitlements Dataset 2. Version 2014-03. University of Connecticut and University of Greifswald.

Jahn, D. & Kuitto, K. & Düpont, N. & Stephan, S. (2014) Uneven responsiveness to diffusion effects? Regional patterns of unemployment policy diffusion in Western and Eastern Europe. CWED Working Paper Series WP 02 – November 2014.

Kuitto, K. & Jahn, D. & Düpont, N. (2012) Welfare policy institutions in the enlarged EU – convergence, divergence or persistence? Greifswald Comparative Politics Working paper No. 1/2012.

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Jahn, D. & Kuitto, K. (2011) Taking Stock of Policy Performance in Central and Eastern Europe: Policy Outcomes Between Policy Reform, Transitional Pressure and International Influence. European Journal of Political Research 50(6), 719–748.