Kati Kuitto

Senior Researcher, Dr.phil., Adjunct Professor (Docent of Social Policy)
+358 29 411 2479



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Areas of research

  • comparative welfare state research
  • pension systems and pension policies in international comparison
  • working life and pensions
  • gender inequalities in employment and pensions


My research focuses on comparative analysis of the welfare state and pensions. In particular, I am interested in the nexus between employment, social policies throughout the life course and the adequacy of pensions in the context of changing labour markets. In addition, I am working on issues relating to gender inequalities, social investment and policy learning.

I am a political scientist by training (FU Berlin) and hold a PhD in political science from the University of Greifswald, Germany. I am one of the principal investigators of the Comparative Welfare Entitlements Data Project providing comparative time-series data on social security benefits for 33 countries. Currently, I participate in the EU COST Action CA17114 YOUNG-IN (Transdisciplinary solutions to cross-sectoral disadvantage in youth), developing research collaboration on early career labour market attachment and social investment policy effects.

Selected publications

Kuitto, K. & Salonen, J. & Helmdag, J. (2019) Gender Inequalities in Early Career Trajectories and Parental Leaves: Evidence from a Nordic Welfare State. In: Social Sciences, 2019, 8, 253: 1–17 (Special Issue on Family and Work: Parental Leave and Careers, edited by Ann-Zofie Duvander & Alison Koslowski). DOI: 10.3390/socsci8090253

Kuitto, K. & Salonen, J. & Helmdag, J. (2019) Perhevapaat työurariskinä? Trajektorianalyysi nuorten aikuisten työurapoluista [Parenting leaves as career risk? Trajectory analysis on early career paths of young adults]. Yhteiskuntapolitiikka 2:2019, 197–205.

Kuivalainen, S. & Nivalainen, S. & Järnefelt, N. & Kuitto, K. (2018) Length of working life and pension income: Empirical evidence on gender and socioeconomic differences from Finland. In: Journal for Pension Economics and Finance, First View 27 September 2018.

Helmdag, J. & Kuitto, K. (2018) Independent policy learning: Contextual diffusion of active labour market policies. In: Dunlop, C. & Radaelli, C. & Trein, P. (eds.) Learning in Public Policy. Analysis, Modes and Outcomes. Houndsmills/Basingstoke: Palgrave. 317–346.

Kuitto, K. (2018) Measuring welfare entitlement generosity in developing welfare states: the case of post-communist countries in Central and Eastern Europe, in: Social Indicators Research 136(1): 203–224 (First Online 17 December 2016).

Vidlund, M. & Väänänen, N. & Mielonen, A. & Kuitto, K. (2017) Pension system design and intergenerational redistribution: applying Musgrave’s rule in a comparative setting, in: Review of Sociology 27(4): 40–60.

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Helmdag, J. & Kuitto, K. (2016) Interdependent Learning from Policy Success: Contextual Diffusion of Active Labour Market Policies. Greifswald Comparative Working Paper No. 10, September 2016.

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Kuitto, K. (2016) Miten mitata eläketurvan riittävyyttä? [How to measure the adequacy of pensions]. Työeläke 2:2016, 12–13. 

Scruggs, L. & Jahn, D. & Kuitto, K. (2014) Comparative Welfare Entitlements Dataset 2. Version 2014-03. University of Connecticut and University of Greifswald.

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