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Based on an external evaluation commissioned by the Finnish Centre for Pensions, its research operations have developed positively compared to the evaluation of 2013. The research team, which is small in terms of number of researchers and budget, is efficient, productive and economical and produces high-quality research.

According to the evaluation, the research programme for the periods 2015–2019 and 2020–2024 are commendably aligned with the Finnish Centre for Pensions’ broader strategic policies and support the objectives set out in the strategies. The evaluation also concludes that the research activities have successfully met the criteria set for its service performance.  

The focal areas of the research were considered comprehensive, and interviews with interest groups conducted as part of the evaluation did not reveal any specific suggestions for new themes. The focal areas of research in the 2020–2024 research programme of the Finnish Centre for Pensions are  

Increasing research cooperation and international activities

The evaluation shows that the Finnish Centre for Pensions has become much more active within the research community over the last decade and participates more extensively than before in various joint research projects.  International research cooperation has increased and now forms a considerable part of the Finnish Centre for Pensions’ research activities. Overall, the Research Department’s publication record can be considered very good, says the evaluation.  

The general trend at the department is a move towards peer-reviewed and international studies. This suggests that the quality of research has clearly improved since the previous evaluation. In terms of indicators, research compared favourably with academic social sciences.  

Recommendations help to develop the activities in line with the needs of the interest groups 

As recommendations for improvement, the evaluators suggest, for example, a stronger focus on analysing the sustainability of the pension system and pensions and to further strengthen research cooperation both domestically and internationally.  

“It’s great that we have received a comprehensive and in-depth assessment of our research activities and its results. The recommendations help us further improve our activities so that the research data we produce meet the needs of our interest groups and customers even better than before”, says Head of Research Susan Kuivalainen.   

The evaluation focused on the scientific quality of the Finnish Centre for Pension’s research activities, their relevance to pension policy, coverage, results and the utilisation of the results, resources and working methods, as well as their efficiency and effectiveness. 

The evaluation, commissioned by the Finnish Centre for Pensions, was performed by Emeritus Professor Olli Kangas, Research Professor Seppo Koskinen and Permanent State Under-Secretary Elina Pylkkänen

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