The Finnish pension system is developed by numerous working groups that work continuously to develop and make the system function better. More extensive reforms are negotiated on a tripartite basis, and the tripartite working groups are usually chaired by the ministry of Social Affairs and Health.

The Finnish Centre for Pensions is a central actor in implementing a reform or doing preliminary work for a reform. Many such working groups are chaired by the Finnish Centre for Pensions. The Finnish Pension Alliance TELA, which lobbies for pension providers, coordinates working groups that handle matters relevant for pension providers.

The negotiating group of the social partners for pensions

One of the most relevant working groups for developing and making proposals for developing the earnings-related pension system is the negotiating group of the main social partners (Pension Negotiation Group), chaired by the managing director of the Finnish Centre for Pensions, Mikko Kautto. When needed, this group also assists the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health in pension matters. The group may set up ad hoc groups for preparing necessary reports on the pension system.

Finnish Centre for Pensions – Central body of and expert on statutory earnings-related pensions