The primary task of pensions is to secure an income in retirement. Under this research programme, we will examine pension levels as well as pension benefits of population groups that are central to the improvement of pensions.  

Retirement often spans years and decades and includes different phases as far as income is concerned. During this research programme period, we will conduct individual-level longitudinal studies of changes in pensioners’ income levels and reconduct the questionnaire survey from 2017.  

We will assess livelihood adequacy primarily based on income. We will also review the livelihood of pensioners through consumption and subjective experiences relating to livelihood.  

Under this research programme, we will monitor the Finnish working-age population’s knowledge and views of pension adequacy, sustainability and key principles of the pension system.  

New studies

Study: Women worried about retirement income

Finns are worried about the retirement income of low-income retirees in particular. Retirees’ income gaps and the availability of reasonably-priced social and health services also cause concern. A recent study by the Finnish Centre for Pensions reveals that women are more worried about pension issues than men.

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Public defense of doctoral thesis: Pensioners’ income in retirement remains reasonable

The Finnish pension policy objectives have been mainly successful. Pensioners’ economic well-being does not drop dramatically at retirement, and the income of low-income people even improves slightly. After retirement, incomes remain fairly stable. However, for some retirees, poverty is long-lasting. This is evident in a doctoral dissertation by Juha Rantala for the Universit of Turku. The research is based on longitudinal register data.

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Majority of Finns unfamiliar with price tag of pensions

Only 13 per cent of the Finns know how much they pay in pension contributions. 29 per cent underestimate their pension contribution rate. These are results revealed in a new survey on pension knowledge conducted by the Finnish Centre for Pensions.

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