The research of the Finnish Centre for Pensions provides high-standard and up-to-date information for decision makers, experts and citizens on the functioning of the pension system and the efficiency and effectiveness of pension policy measures and reforms.  

Research is one of the statutory tasks of the Finnish Centre for Pensions. Our research activities are based on a programme that spans several years and depicts our research and focal areas that are important for the near-future improvement of pensions.  

Research programme 2020–2024  

The focal areas of our research are the following:  

During this research programme period, we emphasize pension reform evaluations. We focus on evaluating the effects of the 2017 pension reform in Finland within all focal areas. Other themes that offer cross-sections of and connections between the focal areas include differences between demographic, socioeconomic, gender and age groups, and international comparisons.  

High-quality empirical research and active research cooperation  

At the Finnish Centre for Pensions, we conduct independent empirical research in social and economic sciences. Our research involves active research cooperation and communication.  

The strength of our research lies in its empirical nature and our use of multifaceted and internationally unique data.  

Most of our research is subject to peer review. We are committed to following the guidelines on good scientific practices issued by the Finnish National Board on Research Integrity and the standards for peer review set by the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies.  

We also engage in active research cooperation with universities and other research and expert institutions. For example, each year we fund a few research projects that focus on assessing and developing the pension system. This data is made available to researchers.  

We transmit research data and provide expertise in various bodies that support decision-making, participate in social discussions as well as in domestic and international research and expert networks.  

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