This section “Findings from our research” provides information packages on our most central research themes. We want to make our research findings easily approachable and usable both by decision-makers and all persons interested in pensions and their development. The website presents key results of our research as well as links to our studies for those needing an in-depth view.

  • Pension knowledge and trust in the pension system
    Knowing pensions and trusting the pension system is important from the point of view of the functionality and future of the pension system. Our surveys show the level of Finnish citizens’ knowledge of and trust in pensions, as well as how they have developed.
  • Pensioners’ economic wellbeing
    The most central task of pensions is to secure adequate income in retirement. We study economic wellbeing at regular intervals both via income data and surveys.
  • Disability pensions and work ability
    Working lives often end prematurely due to disability. Research on disability pensions and how work ability can be supported produces important information to improve pensions and rehabilitation.

Find our publications in Julkari

You can find our studies as online publications in Julkari, which is a shared open repository for the publications of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health’s administrative branch organisations.

The parallel publications of our scientific articles are also available in Julkari.