Our research here at the Finnish Centre for Pensions provides high-standard and up-to-date information for decision makers, experts and citizens on the functioning of the pension system and the efficiency and effectiveness of pension policy measures and reforms. Research is one of our statutory tasks.

We conduct independent empirical research in the social and economic sciences. Our interdisciplinary research focuses on the length of working lives, retirement patterns, adequate pensions and the financial sustainability of the pension system. overall pension provision and related themes. Our research involves active research cooperation and communication.

Findings from our research

The website brings together research results and concise information packages on our most central research themes. We want to make our research findings easily usable by all persons interested in pensions and their developments.

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Research programme

Our research activities are based on a programme that spans several years and depicts research and focal areas (in terms of content) that are important for the near-future improvement of pensions. Our current research programme period began at the beginning of 2020.

Research programme (Julkari)

Ongoing research projects

The focal areas of our research are working lives and their development, retirement patterns, pension adequacy and the financial sustainability of the pension system. Other themes that offer cross-sections of and connections between the focal areas include an assessment of the effects of pension reforms, differences between population, socioeconomic, gender and age groups and regional areas, as well as international comparisons.

Ongoing Research Projects

Conferences and Seminars

Conferences and Seminars

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