General notices include decisions or documents relating to earnings-related pension insurance or a pension matter that the Finnish Centre for Pensions has not been able to deliver to the concerned parties in any other way.

The general notices are posted here on the website of the Finnish Centre for Pensions for 7 + 30 days from the date on which the notice is published.

Under the Administrative Procedure Act (Chapter 10, Section 62), the service of this notice is considered to have taken place and the decision’s 30-day appeal period began on the seventh day after which this notice was published on the website of Finnish Centre for Pensions.

The documents of the general notices are available for viewing by the parties concerned at the Finnish Centre for Pensions, address: Tukkutorinkuja 5, 00580 Helsinki, Finland. The time that the documents are available for viewing is not restricted.

The general notices concern the following persons or communities.

General notices, published on 25 March 2024

Kao Andres

Susi Ervin

Kossal Kristjan

Carbune Daniel

Egbo Darlington Emeka

Veide Matiss

Seniks Vadims

Smirnov Aleksandr

Pronin Aleksandr

Christina`s Beauty OÜ Business ID 2914945-8

General notices, published on 09 April 2024

Juozapaitis Andrius

Kukk Sander

Tongwa Efuetanjoh Yannick

Buzeniuk Oleh

Elenski Plamen

Orro Herkki

Rooger Raido

General notices, published on 17 April 2024

Koskinen Kalle Antero

Reinloo Indrek

Marmor Jaanus

Vibus Ergo

Popa Ion

Pärnamets Kullar

Konstantinov Vasiliy

Vasehha Dmitri

Vasilev Radostin

Lustila Mika Juhani

Moskvitsov Aleksei

Vassilevski Andrei

GIG Invest Oy, Business ID 2952919-4

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