The Finnish Centre for Pensions produces versatile statistics that describe the Finnish pension system. The statistics include information on pension recipients, persons insured under the earnings-related pension acts, pension expenditure, effective retirement ages, rehabilitation under the earnings-related pension scheme and the financing of earnings-related pensions.

We produce Official Statistics of Finland in the area of Social Protection.

Number of new disability pension recipients decreased in 2020

Mental disorders continue to be the most common reason for retirement on a disability pension. The largest single reason is depression, which drives ten persons to retire on a disability pension each day.

Earnings-related Pension Recipients

Average monthly pension in Finland 1,762 euros

The average monthly pension in 2020 in Finland was 1,762 euros, nearly 50 euros more than in 2019. The median pension was 1,534 euros per month, nearly 40 euros more than in 2019.

Statistics on Pensioners in Finland

No peak in partial old-age pensions in the year of the Corona pandemic

The number of new partial old-age pensions grew only slightly in 2020. At the end of the year, a total of 29,000 persons were drawing a partial old-age pension. One third of them have reduced working.

New Pension Benefits

Check out the graph application of the monthly statistics

In our new graph application you can examine data on the number of new retirees on an earnings-related pension and their average pension in graphic format. The data is categorized by pension benefit and per month.

Graph application for monthly statistics

Open interface of our statistical database now available

You can now retrieve statistical data from our statistical database in machine-readable format. With the open interface you can share statistical data as open data via a technical connection.

Statistical Database

Release calendar for 2021

A chronological schedule of releases of statistics by the Finnish Centre for Pensions is presented in the release calendar. The release dates are specified closer to the time of release.

Release calendar

Earnings-related Pension System in Graphs and Figures

The slideshow includes key information of the Finnish earnings-related pension system. The Power Point slideshow may be downloaded free of charge.

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Statistical publications

The Statistics series of the Finnish Centre for Pensions includes statistics of various pension areas. As a rule, the statistics are based on the registers of the earnings-related pension system.