The Finnish Centre for Pensions makes projections and forecasts concerning the future of the Finnish pension system. Our long-term projections span 60–70 years into the future and are published in reports every two or three years.

The most recent report, Statutory pensions: long-term projections 2022, was published on 13 October 2022 (in Finnish with a summary in English; the full report in English was published in early 2023).

Statutory Finnish pensions under review are earnings-related pensions, national and guarantee pensions, as well as pensions paid under the Compensation for Military Injuries Act, the Motor Liability Insurance Act and the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Act (special provision pensions). Supplementary pension schemes are not included in the projections.

The projections tell us how pension expenditure, benefit levels and financing develop if the demographic and economic assumptions are realised and there are no changes to legislation.

The projections are also used to estimate the impact of changes to the Finnish pension system.

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