The main rule in earnings-related pension insurance laws is that work done in Finland is insured in Finland.

  • As a rule, private-sector employees must be insured by their employer under the Employees Pensions Act.
  • Sailors must be insured by their employer under the Seafarer’s Pensions Act.
  • As a rule, public sector employees are insured by their employer under the Public Sector Pensions Act.
  • Self-employed workers must insure their work under the Self-employed Persons’ Pensions Act.

Both Finnish and foreign employers must insure their workers working in Finland, regardless of the nationality of the worker or employer.

There are exemptions to the insurance obligation for, among others, posted employees. For more information on exemptions, go to page Foreign Workers in Finland ( (via menu on the left).

To learn more about pension insurance in Finland, watch the following instructive video.

Who is a posted worker?

A worker can be a posted worker both from the perspective of social security and labour law.

According to the EU Regulations on social security, a worker is a posted worker if they have a foreign employer and have received an A1 certificate from the sending country. The social security contributions for posted workers must be paid to the sending country, from which they also receive social security benefits.

For more information, contact the Finnish Centre for Pensions.

According to the labour laws of the EU, a worker is a posted worker if they have been posted from another EU Member State to work in Finland based on an agreement, either as a subcontractor, a worker transferred internally within the company or as an agency contract worker. Posting a worker under the labour laws of the EU is linked to conditions that are applied to the employment relationship, such as regulations on minimum wage or working hours.

For more information, contact the labour protection authorities.

A foreign employer must notify the labour protection authorities of posted workers. The posting employer must report its foreign workers who are posted based on labour law before they start working in Finland.


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