In Finland, private-sector pension insurance companies manage statutory earnings-related pension insurance and workers’ compensation insurance. The Employment Fund manages unemployment insurance. The employer’s health insurance and the insured (worker’s) health insurance, on the other hand, are managed by the Tax Administration.  

The employer can choose the pension provider from which it must take out earnings-related and workers’ compensation insurance. 

Worker’s social security 

In Finland, the employer must take out social security insurance for its workers. The obligation to insure applies to both domestic and foreign employers. Both the employer and the worker pay for social security.  

When a worker works abroad or comes from abroad to work in Finland, the employer must find out which statutory social security contributions are to be paid to Finland.  

Online service for employers 

If you are a private employer, the online service of the Finnish Centre for Pensions helps you sort out how to pay the social insurance contributions. This website helps you find out what social insurance contributions you must pay for your worker who comes to work in Finland or goes abroad to work.   

The service explains and instructs you on what contributions you must pay to Finland in different situations.

Statutory social insurance contributions in Finland include the following:

  • earnings-related pension contributions, 
  • workers’ compensation insurance contributions, 
  • unemployment insurance contributions, and 
  • employer’s and the insured (worker’s) health insurance contributions.

In addition to the statutory contributions, employers must often also pay group life insurance contributions for their workers.

Booklets on Finnish statutory social insurance contributions

The booklets below contain instructions on how to take out social insurance in Finland. The booklets are available in several languages and include relevant contact information.

Statutory social insurance contributions in Finland

Authorising workers to take out insurance

In Finland, private sector earnings-related pension insurance companies offer statutory earnings-related pension insurance. Private sector insurance companies offer statutory workers’ compensation insurance, unemployment insurance and employees’ group life insurance.

As a foreign employer, you can authorise your posted worker to take out statutory social insurance from a Finnish insurance company.

Your worker hands a proxy that you have signed to an earnings-related pension insurance company that your worker has selected, as well as to an insurance company that offers workers’ compensation insurance.  The companies will then send you the invoices for the pension contributions (including your and your worker’s share of the contribution).

You will deduct your worker’s share of the social insurance contributions directly from their wage.

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Social security for self-employed workers

If you are self-employed, you must take out the statutory insurance yourself and pay your own social security contributions. For more information on when you have to insure yourself in Finland, go to section Working abroad and Pension Coverage and Insurance/Self-employed.

The self-employed must contact one of the pension providers and the tax administration to find out their obligations relating to social security contributions.


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