International Comparisons

We make international comparisons of the pension systems in Finland and other countries. Our comparison is based on statistics produced by national and international organisations.

On the International Comparisons site we describe the key differences between countries and the ways in which they arrange pensions. This section includes tables and visual information on, among other things, retirement ages, pension assets and pension indexes.

Comparison of pension asset investment returns

The Finnish Centre for Pensions contributes to, supplements and elaborates on international comparisons of pension asset investments. We take the special features of the Finnish earnings-related pension system into account in our comparison. The aim is to show the role of investments as one key element of pension financing.

Investment Return on Pension Assets

Retirement ages in different countries

As a rule, the retirement age in EU countries is 65 years at the moment. An increasing number of countries have linked the retirement age to life expectancy. In some countries, men and women have different retirement ages.

Retirement Ages

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