Most of the research of the Finnish Centre for Pensions is published in scientific journals and edited collections. When possible, parallel publications of studies published outside the Finnish Centre for Pensions’ own publication series are published in Julkari. Under the open access principle, the works published there are accessible to all.

The publishers of many journals place an embargo of 6–24 months for parallel publications. If the entire study cannot be published in Julkari, the referral information of the article will be published there.

Our most recent scientific articles are listed below.  Articles from 2015 onward are listed in Julkari. For each article in the list there is a link to Julkari with more detailed information on the articles and, when possible, a parallel publication of the article and a link to the article itself (to the publisher’s website). If all of the authors of an article are from the Finnish Centre for Pensions, no affiliation is indicated. 

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Most recent scientific articles

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