Topical issues

29.8.2023 News

Preliminary information on 2024 indexes: Earnings-related pension index likely to rise slightly more than the wage coefficient

The Finnish Centre for Pensions estimates that the 2024 earnings-related pension index will grow slightly more than the wage coefficient. As a result, a person who retires on an earnings-related pension before the end of 2023 may receive a slightly higher index increment than a person who retires after the turn of the year. A person who considers claiming a pension should also note the impact of continued work, taxation and Kela benefits on their pension amount.

30.6.2023 News

EU Framework Agreement on cross-border telework enters into force on 1 July 2023 

Some EU Member States have signed a framework agreement on cross-border telework. It will enter into force on 1 July 2023. Finland has signed the Agreement. According to the Framework Agreement, an employee habitually working and teleworking in two different EU countries can be insured, under certain conditions, in the country where the statutory seat of their employer is established (instead of in their own country of residence).

5.6.2023 Press releases

Investment returns dropped yet pension financing increasingly dependent on them

The assets of the Finnish earnings-related pension system shrunk in 2022 – investment losses accounted for 14.8 billion euros. Since the dependency ratio is getting increasingly weaker over time as the population ages, improving investment returns is essential. The options include, among others, adjusting the risk level of private sector pension investments by relaxing the related regulations.