The forms offered in this service are divided in the menu by theme. The forms are in pdf-format. Click the Download link to open the forms.

Some issues you can handle through our online services.

Via the websites of most earnings-related pension providers you can take care of your business online (for example, apply for your old-age pension). Using the online services speeds up the handling of your case. You can check who your earnings-related pension provider is if you have been identified electronically.

You can find the Swedish forms on our website in Swedish and the Finnish forms on our website in Finnish. You can find forms in English and other languages (when offered) on this website.

How do I fill out a form?

The forms are in pdf format. In order to fill out a form, you need pdf reader software. Adobe Reader is available free of charge at the Adobe website. We recommend using the latest version of that software.

You can fill out some of the forms on your computer and then print them. Others, you have to print out first and fill out by hand.

The PDF forms that you can fill out on your computer have instructions in post-it notes. To open the note, double-click it. To close the note, click the upper right corner.

How do I open and print out a form?

Click the “Download” button to open a PDF form.

Use the print button for Adobe Reader to print out the form.

What if the form does not open?

You can save an empty form by downloading the pdf file in Adobe Reader. In order to save a form that you have filled out, you need, for example, FoxitReader (free of charge) or Adobe Reader (subject to a charge).

Errors when opening the form

If you try to load the form but fail due to a problem with the connection, an error message will pop up on the screen. If you reload the page, the same error message may pop up from the cache memory, even if the problem with the connection has been solved. Empty the cache memory of your computer to be able to load the form.

If the Adobe Reader software you are using is old or faulty, an error message pay pop up on the screen. Reinstall the software to solve the problem.

Personal data and data protection

For more information on how your personal data is handled at Kela and in the earnings-related pension system, read Information for pension applicants. Read more about how your personal data is handled at the Finnish Centre for Pensions on their website: Data protection when handling personal data.