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Pocket Statistics, published by the Finnish Centre for Pensions, includes central statistical data, time series and info-graphics on pensions. The most recent figures date back to year-end 2020.

Pocket Statistics is intended both for the general public and experts within the earnings-related pension field. It offers an easy and comprehensive view of Finnish pension provision and amendments to it. 

The booklet contains the most important figures relating to, for example, pension expenditure, pension contributions, pension recipients, new retirees and disability pensions. 

Average monthly pension of Finns 1,762 euros 

As stated in Pocket Statistics, a total of 1.5 million Finns receive a pension in their own right. They account for one third of the population aged 16 years and over. 

The average total monthly pension in 2020 was 1,762 euros. Men received, on average, nearly 2,000 euros and women nearly 1,600 euros a month.

In 2020, earnings-related pensions were paid to the amount of 33 billion euros. The pension expenditure ratio to GDP was 14 per cent. 

The digital Pocket Statistics is available in Finnish, Swedish and English. Printed booklets can be ordered later. 

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