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In the 2020, old publications of the Finnish Centre for Pensions have been digitalised and stored in Julkari, a shared open repository. Julkari includes already more than 1,200 publications published by the Finnish Centre for Pensions (mainly in Finnish and Swedish but many also in English).

Julkari includes, among other things, many of the research publications and statistical yearbooks published by the Finnish Centre for Pensions in English.

After the launch of the new website in June, all new publications are stored in Julkari only. In the section Publications on, our most recent publications are listed by series. Click on the links in the lists to access the publications in Julkari.

Research articles accessible to all in Julkari

Julkari also stores research produced by the researchers of the Finnish Centre for Pensions and published in scientific journals and other publications external to the Finnish Centre for Pensions’ publication series. As a rule, Julkari also includes manuscript versions of research published in scientific journals as parallel publications.

Parallel publication is one of the open access methods. This allows for as many as possible access to our research results.

Julkari in brief

  • Julkari is a shared open repository for the publications of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health’s administrative branch organisations.
  • Julkari is online at
  • The publications in Julkari receive a permanent address (URN identifier) and, via the service, the publications are entered into permanent electronic storage.
  • In the descriptions of the publications, the metadata recommendations of the National Library of Finland are employed so that the metadata becomes usable also elsewhere via interfaces.
  • To search for publications in Julkari, browse the publications or type in search words in the search field. For more complex searches, read the search instructions.

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