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The earnings-related pension field and Tax Administration will launch two joint trials. In both of them, 25,000 citizens will receive a message via the MyTax service. The message encourages the recipient to check their pension record via the web service of their pension provider. The customer is steered to the web service via a joint steering service.

The messages are timed to concur with the dates on which the pre-filled-out tax returns are published and the dates by which they must be submitted. The first trial takes place from mid-March to the end of April; the second one throughout May. 

The aim of the pension record link in MyTax is to encourage more citizens to check their pension record online. Based on the experience received from the two trials, the decision whether to expand the practice will be made.  MyTax potentially reaches a large number of citizens. 

The pension record includes data on all earnings for which a person has accrued pension in Finland so far. The future pension is based on the information on the pension record. Within the private sector, a printed pension record is sent by mail to one’s home address every three years. As of now, the online record will be more comprehensive than the printed one, and it will also be more up-to-date than the printed record. Access your earnings-related pension record via the website of your pension provider. At the moment, an ample ten per cent of all persons insured under the earnings-related pension scheme have selected to check their pension record online. 

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