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Granted certificates of coverage by Finnish social security in 2018, by personnel group

Most workers posted from Finland are posted to Sweden. In 2018, nearly four out of five certificates for posted workers were granted to men. When viewed by groups of people, only officials and grant recipients included more women (58%) than men.

In 2018, the most frequent target countries for posted workers were Sweden, Spain, the United States and Germany. Already ten years ago, Sweden was the most frequent target country, followed by Germany, Norway and Spain.

The target countries of the certificates differ slightly by gender. The most frequent target countries for men were Sweden, Spain and the United States, while women were most frequently posted to Spain, the United States and Germany. Of the countries to which more than one hundred certificates were granted, women were posted more frequently than men to Greece only (70%).

Certificates for posted workers are granted to workers working in EU/EEA countries and Switzerland (A1 certificate) and countries with which Finland has a social security agreement. A person working temporarily in the countries in question may be granted a certificate if they are covered by Finnish social security immediately before going to work abroad and if they are posted abroad by an employer that operates in Finland. When a worker has a valid certificate of a posted worker, all statutory social insurance contributions are paid to Finland and the worker is covered by Finnish social security.

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Statistics on insurance for work abroad and posted workers

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