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Finnish Centre for Pensions Research Webinar 10.5.2021

Are pensions enough to cover income in retirement, particularly if one cannot work until the statutory retirement age? Will caregiving towards the end of one’s career affect continued working? How do family biographies affect income in retirement? The Finnish Centre for Pensions’ research webinar on 10 May presents the hot-off-the-print Social Policy & Administration Special Issue 55:3.

The pension reforms carried out in many countries raise new questions about pension equality. The employment opportunities and length of working live affect the amount of pension received in retirement more strongly than before. Private supplementary pension insurance has also become a more common form of pension security in many countries. At the same time, working life, labour markets and family life are transforming.  

These overlapping and mutually reinforcing transformations may lead to inequality in pension adequacy and retirement. In the future, do we have to emphasize minimum pensions and policies that combat poverty to a greater extent? Will pensions provide adequate income for all if not everyone is able to work longer? How does caring for family members at the end of one’s working life affect continued working? How do unstable working lives and family relations affect income in retirement? 

The Finnish Centre for Pensions invites researchers, experts and decision-makers to a joint webinar to contemplate these topical questions. The webinar sums up the key results of the articles in the Social Policy & Administration Special Issue and offers the opportunity to discuss their input on pension system development. The articles provide comparative analyses on the pension systems in different European countries.

The webinar (in English) takes place in Teams on Monday 10 May at 14:00-15:15 (UTC+3) / 13:00-14:15 (CEST). 

Inequalities in pensions and retirement  – Life courses and pension systems in comparative perspective 

  • Kati Kuitto (Finnish Centre for Pensions),  Susan Kuivalainen (Finnish Centre for Pensions) & Katja Möhring (University of Mannheim): 
    Opening words – Life-courses and pension systems in comparative perspective 
  • Bernhard Ebbinghaus (University of Oxford): 
    Inequalities and poverty risks in old age across Europe: The double‐edged income effect of pension systems
  • Kati Kuitto (Finnish Centre for Pensions): 
    Extending working lives: How policies shape retirement and labour market participation of older workers (with Jan Helmdag)
  • Katja Möhring (University of Mannheim): 
    The consequences of non‐standard working and marital biographies for old age income in Europe: Contrasting the individual and the household perspective
  • Ariane Bertogg (University of Konstanz): 
    Work–family balance in the second half of life: Caregivers’ decisions regarding retirement and working time reduction in Europe (with Tiziana Nazio and Susanne Strauss)
  • Aart-Jan Riekhoff(Finnish Centre for Pensions): 
    Pension reforms, the generational welfare contract and preferences for pro‐old welfare policies in Europe


  • Bent Greve (Roskilde University, Editor-in-Chief of Social Policy & Administration)
  • Mikko Kautto (Finnish Centre for Pensions)

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