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Mental disorders are a major cause of disability among working-age people in Finland and the other Nordic countries. What are the similarities and differences and what can we learn from each other to support mental health and work ability? Join our webinar on Monday 8 November.

This research webinar of the Finnish Centre for Pensions provides an overview of the trends and the underlying reasons in the Nordic countries. Are there significant changes in the mental health of the population in the Nordic countries? How is the development affected by changes in working life and grounds for granting benefits?  

Join our webinar on Monday 8 November 2021 at 14:00-15:15 (local time). The webinar is in English. 


Trends in mental health-related work disability: Finnish experiences
Mikko Laaksonen, Senior Researcher, Finnish Centre for Pensions

Long-term sick leave and work disability in Sweden – Trends and challenges with focus on mental disorders
Ulrik Lidwall, Analyst, Swedish Social Insurance Agency

Working conditions, mental health and disability in Denmark: interrelations and developments over time 
Ida E. H. Madsen, Senior Researcher, National Research Centre for the Working Environment

Jan Schugk, Chief Medical Officer, Mutual Pension Insurance Company Varma

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