Areas of Research

  • Determinants of disability pension  
  • Trends in disability retirement, disability pension applications and rejections   
  • Follow-up of persons on temporary disability pension, recipients of vocational rehabilitation and persons having received a rejection on their disability pension claim  


My research focuses on ability to work and retirement on a disability pension. I am interested in factors that contribute to disability retirement and changes in disability retirement over time.  My research is based on extensive register data and conducted in cooperation with, among others, researchers from Kela, the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health and different universities. 

Ongoing research projects

  • Changes and determinants of perceived work ability in the Finnish adult population
  • Changes in work disability in the 2000s
  • Incidence of disability pensions for persons aged 50 and over by birth cohort  
  • Measuring careers and career length trends in various population groups
  • Work history of young disability pensioners

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