Areas of research

  • Pensioners’ income, pension adequacy, trust in the pension system  
  • Managing disability issues, rehabilitation and disability pension system  
  • Social policy, social security and social insurance  


Recently, I have researched themes relating to pensioners’ income, the disability pension system, rehabilitation and changes in pension systems. In my research, I emphasise institutional questions and qualitative methods relating to pensions. I have a Ph.D. in social and public policy from the University of Helsinki (2013). My long-term interests lie in changes in social security and, in particular, social insurance. 

The project is based on the agreement made by the social partners in 2019 in which the Finnish Centre for Pensions was assigned the task to examine how the decision practices of vocational rehabilitation and earnings-related pension legislation correspond to each other, how the processes function and what the effects of vocational rehabilitation are. In this report, we examine legislation relating to rehabilitation within the earnings-related pension scheme, legal grounds and application directives. In addition, the report includes a review of domestic research on the effectiveness of rehabilitation within the earnings-related pension scheme and the functionality of the processes. The decision practices in relation to legislation, as well as the appropriateness, functionality and efficiency of rehabilitation within the earnings-related pension scheme are handled based on interviews with pension experts. For the report, we interviewed expert physicians and rehabilitation experts of earnings-related pension providers as well as the experts of the Pension Appeal Court. 

Schedule: 2019–2020 

Researchers: Jyri Liukko 


In this paper, we explain how Canada and Finland diverge interestingly from dominant pension trends, Canada in the Anglo-Saxon context and Finland in the Continental European context. We argue that there is an exceptional resemblance between the developments in these two countries. Crucial in this respect is the deliberate utilization of partial pre-funding and equity investment in trying to secure the economic and social sustainability of public pensions. In both countries, there are counter-tendencies to international pension trends on the benefits side (non-privatization), but, nevertheless, an increasing involvement in global pension fund capitalism on the investment side (marketization). The article broadens the understanding of pensions by highlighting the intertwinement of public insurance and investment in pension arrangements. The analyses are based on academic, governmental and other expert literature and published statistics.

Schedule: 2018–2020

Researchers: Jyri Liukko, Aaron Doyle (Carleton University, Ottawa), Turo-Kimmo Lehtonen (TUNI)

Publications: Liukko, Jyri & Doyle, Aaron & Lehtonen, Turo-Kimmo (2020) Marketization without privatization. Recent tendencies of pension security development in Canada and Finland. Submitted, under review.

In this study we outline Finnish citizens’ opinions and views on pensions and the reliability and future outlooks of the pension system. In addition, we examine Finns’ assessments of their retirement income and how they have prepared themselves financially for retirement. We also outline how much they know about pensions and of the impacts of the 2017 pension reform and how these impacts may affect retirement.

The study is based on a questionnaire survey sent to 5,000 randomly selected 25–67-year-old Finnish citizens. The dataset is supplemented with register data. The privacy statement (in Finnish) is applied to the processing of personal data.

Schedule: 2019–2021

Researchers: Sanna Tenhunen, Liisa-Maria Palomäki, Jyri Liukko, Juha Rantala, Susan Kuivalainen

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