Areas of research

Pensioner income  

  • income, education, saving, wealth  
  • subjectively perceived income and life satisfaction  
  • impact of household structure on income  


In my research, I approach economic livelihood and well-being of retirees and people approaching their retirement age from different angles. In addition to the traditional approach of income distribution, I examine the effects of consumption and wealth on the economic well-being of retirees, as well as retirees’ life satisfaction and subjective perception of their livelihood. 

I did my Master’s degree in economics and my Licentiate degree in social policy. In the dissertation that I am working on I research the significance of the household structure on retirees’ livelihood. 

Ongoing research projects

We continue producing new and up-to-date data on retirees’ perceptions of their livelihood and economic well-being. In the autumn of 2020, we will repeat the questionnaire survey “Pensioners’ income and economic well-being” that we carried out in 2017. The survey, carried out online and by post, is targeted at 55–85-year-old persons on an old-age and disability pension so that part of the respondents are new and part the same as in the previous wave. Our aim is to better recognize factors that affect pensioners’ perceptions of their livelihood and follow changes in these perceptions during retirement.

In our analyses, we focus on reporting on the central indicators (for example, financial satisfaction, covering regular and necessary expenses, consumption). However, we will also produce data on new subjects such as incurring debt, wealth, financial relations between the spouses and causes that prevent working in retirement.

Schedule: 2020–2022

Researchers: Kati Ahonen, Susan Kuivalainen, Anu Polvinen, Liisa-Maria Palomäki, Anniina Kaittila (University of Turku)

In this article, we look at how households’ age structure, equivalence scales and, more widely, housing are reflected in the economic well-being of retirees. The data consists of questionnaire survey data of the Finnish Centre for Pensions, consumption and wealth data of Statistics Finland and Eurostat’s EU-SILC.

Schedule 2018–2022

Researchers Kati Ahonen, Susan Kuivalainen