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How well do citizens know the basics of the pension system, the pension benefits and how pensions are financed? What do people think about pensions in Finland and Sweden? These and other new facts will be presented at our online research seminar on 3 December.

At this research seminar, we will sound the pension knowledge of citizens in Finland and Sweden. We will look at pension knowledge both through subjective indicators that measure how much people think they know about pensions and objective indicators that measure how much people actually know about the details of the pension system.  The seminar also offers new information on trust and concerns relating to pensions. 

The seminar, arranged on Thursday 3 December at 10:30-12:00 (Finnish time, UCT+2) is in English. 


Sanna Tenhunen (Finnish Centre for Pensions)  
How familiar are Finns with pension issues and the 2017 pension reform in Finland? Questionnaire survey on views relating to pensions. 

Mattias Nordin (Uppsala University, Sweden)  
Pension Knowledge in Sweden: Rare, too Complicated and Postponed for a Better Day 

Liisa-Maria Palomäki (Finnish Centre for Pensions)
Finns’ multifaceted opinions on the pension system 


Anu Raijas (Bank of Finland)
Olli Kärkkäinen (Ministry of Finance) 

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Register for the seminar via Webropol

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