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English Summary - Työeläke, Finnish Centre for Pensions

Director of Research Venla Berg (Population Research Institution) and Lead Specialist Timo Aro (Consultancy for Regional Development MDI) both stress that improving the birth rate in Finland requires changes in working life and more child- and family-friendly public policies.

Higher birth rates are needed to, among other things, ease the pressure to raise earnings-related pension contributions in the future. Read more about what is required of the future social welfare and health care (SOTE) reform in Finland and how birth rates and pension financing can be improved in the English Summary of Työeläkelehti (1:2021), published on 15 March 2021. Other topics include the impact of the mortality rate on the expected life expectancy and the principle of last provider in the decentralised implementation of the Finnish earnings-related pension system.

Työeläke is a free-of-charge magazine directed at earnings-related pension experts. It is published four times a year by the Finnish Centre for Pensions.

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