List of topical issues

Construction sites throughout Finland will be targets of intensified supervision in week 42 when the Finnish Centre for Pensions, the industrial safety authorities and the Finnish Tax Administration carry out joint inspections.

The purpose of the inspections is to ensure that employers observe fair terms of employment and to combat grey economy. The jointly carried out inspections target construction sites and companies and workers operating on them.
The Finnish Centre for Pensions supervises that employers and the self-employed meet their pension insurance obligations. The Regional State Administrative Agencies (occupational safety) supervise, among other things, that the Customer Liability Act is followed, that personal ID cards and the list of workers are updated, and the use of foreign workers at construction sites. Tax Administration collects observations and comparative data on taxation.
“By interviewing persons at construction sites, we get additional information on, for example, whether the work is done in an employment relationship or as self-employment”, says Supervision Manager Tiia Lahti (Finnish Centre for Pensions).
Those who engage in grey economy get an unfair competitive advantage at the expense of those self-employed who operate by the book. Combatting grey economy efficiently requires that several authorities cooperate actively.
The industrial safety authorities, the Finnish Tax Administration and the Finnish Centre for Pensions have arranged joint supervision weeks already for 15 years. When supervision is done in co-operation, it is more efficient and wide-ranging, and the exchange of information between authorities is quicker.

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