Areas of research

  • Pensioners’ income, pension adequacy, trust in the pension system, changes in pension schemes  
  • Managing disability issues, rehabilitation and disability pension system  
  • Social policy, social security and social insurance  


Recently, I have researched themes relating to pensioners’ income, the disability pension system, rehabilitation and changes in pension systems. In my research, I emphasise institutional questions and qualitative methods relating to pensions. I have a Ph.D. in social and public policy from the University of Helsinki (2013). My long-term interests lie in changes in social security and, in particular, social insurance. 

Ongoing research projects

  • Rehabilitees’ view on the process of vocational rehabilitation
  • Pension financialisation and collective risk sharing in Canada and Finland
  • Views on pensions
  • Employer survey 2021: Employers’ position on ageing workers and retirement

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