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The Finnish Centre for Pensions has updated the booklet that contains information on how to claim a pension from abroad. The booklet is available in several languages. You can order printed booklets from the Finnish Centre for Pensions.

The booklet is for people who have earned a pension while working or living abroad. The booklet tells how people can claim a pension from abroad (from EU/EEA countries or social security agreement countries) and how the claim process proceeds.  

The booklet is available in English, Swedish, Russian, Estonian and Finnish.  

The partners and interest groups of the Finnish Centre for Pensions can order the printed booklet and distribute it to people who need the information or are interested in the subject. The booklet can also be printed out online (as a pdf file). 

Instructions on how to claim a pension from abroad are also available online at How do I claim a pension from abroad?

Check out the booklet: 

Order the booklet  

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