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An increasing number of people continue working after retirement. Many do so because they like their work or wish to maintain social relations through the workplace. Others work for financial reasons. Join our research webinar on 20 November 2023 to hear about current research findings on this subject.

The webinar focuses on working in retirement: Who continue working after retirement? What motivates retirees to continue working? What prevents those retirees who would like to work from working? The webinar discusses the phenomenon based on recent research findings from Finland and the Netherlands. 

Anu Polvinen (Finnish Centre for Pensions) presents results from studies by the Finnish Centre for Pensions of working in retirement of Finnish retirees who have recently retired on an old-age pension from paid work. Hanna van Solinge (NIDI) provides an overview of working in retirement in the Netherlands. 

Teams webinar on Monday 20 November 2023 at 14.00–15.15 (local time EET)/13.00–14.15 (CET)



  • Anu Polvinen (Finnish Centre for Pensions): Who continue working after old-age retirement and why? 
  • Hanna van Solinge (NIDI): Post-retirement work in the Netherlands: from plans to action 


  • Simone Scherger (University of Bremen) 


  • Kati Kuitto (Finnish Centre for Pensions)

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