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What is the current status of the transnational cooperation between European social security institutions? Where are we heading according to European experts? Register this week and join the MoveS seminar: ”Sincere cooperation – from principle to practice” in Helsinki, Finland on 13 September 2019.  

MoveS is a network of independent experts in EU and EEA countries in the field of intra-EU mobility. The network provides the European Commission with legal expertise in the areas of free movement of workers and social security coordination through reports and analyses.

”The aim of the network is to increase experts’ and practitioners’ knowledge on free movement of workers and social security coordination in Europe,” says development manager Jaana Rissanen (Finnish Centre for Pensions).

The MoveS seminar, ”Sincere cooperation – from principle to practice,” arranged at the Finnish Centre for Pensions in Helsinki, Finland on 13 September, reviews European cooperation from a legislative perspective.

The language of the seminar is English.

Register on 2 September at the latest!

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