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The printed pension record posted to private sector workers contains information from only the most recent years. Data spanning the worker’s entire working history is available on the online pension record.

The pension record shows the data on employments, periods of self-employment and benefits for which the worker has accrued earnings-related pension. The record also shows how much pension the worker has earned so far. As of 2022, the printed pension record posted to private sector employees include data on employments and benefits for which pension accrues for the ongoing year and the previous six years.   

Data for the total working life, including those dating back more than six years, are available any time on the online pension record that can be viewed via the pension provider’s web service. 

“Pension records have been sent by post as of the year 2008. It makes sense to focus on the most recent data on the printed record as its recipients are expected to carefully check the data on the record. Shorter pension records on paper also save nature and reduce costs,” says director Katri Raatikainen, who is responsible for the registers of the Finnish Centre for Pensions. 

 The change was speeded up by customers’  expectations and developed online services. 

 “Using online pension services has become more common. An increasing number of persons check their pension record online because the online record is always up-to-date and available when needed. Online services also make it possible to offer versatile support services, such as calculators and customer service, in addition to the pension record,” Raatikainen explains.

Important to check the data on the pension record 

 It is important to check the data on the pension record at regular intervals. The pension paid out in due time is calculated based on the data on the pension record. 

 Under law and upon request by the insured, pension providers are obligated to sort out any incorrect or missing data on the pension record for the previous six years.  

 “As of now, the data on the printed record is limited to the ongoing and previous six years. Older data can be checked online via the pension provider’s website. In addition to requesting the pension provider to correct older data, the worker must present written proof of any missing or incorrect data”, Raatikainen points out.  

The above described changes to the pension record do not apply to pension records issued by Keva, the public sector pension provider. Keva sends out a printed pension record each year to the age cohort that has about six years left until their retirement age. This record contains the data for the worker’s entire working life. All public sector workers can check their pension record online at any time. The six-year limit to the pension provider’s obligation to investigate does not apply to the public sector (that is, to Keva). 

Posting pension records in 2022 

 The pension record is issued by the pension provider who insured the work at the end of the previous year. If the worker stopped working already earlier, the pension provider in which the last work was insured sends out the printed pension record. All persons aged between 18 and 67 who have worked in Finland and whose work has been insured under the earnings-related pension acts receive the pension record. 

Private sector pension providers send out the printed pension record every third year to persons living in Finland, unless they have selected to primarily check their pension record online. In 2022, the pension record is posted to persons born in January-April and those approaching their retirement age. The pension records are mailed throughout the year, starting in May. 

Public sector pension provider Keva posts pension records to those born in 1964. If workers do not check their pension record online, Keva sends them a printed pension record, providing they have not selected the paperless online record.   

The online pension record can be checked via the web service of the pension provider in which the work is insured. If the worker is unsure which pension provider has insured their work, checking the pension record via the website directs the worker to the web service of the correct pension provider.

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