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make sure you get the pension you have earned while working in Finland.

The Finnish Centre for Pensions has produced an animated video on how earnings-related pension benefits accrue in Finland. The video is intended mainly for foreigners coming to work in Finland for a shorter or longer period of time. The video is available in English, Estonian and Russian.

The video explains, among other things, that employers and workers pay pension contributions together in Finland, the employer withholds the worker’s share of the contribution from the wages, and the self-employed take out the insurance and pay the total pension contributions themselves. The video also points out that, to prevent double insurance, a worker who works in two or more EU countries at the same time is to pay social security contributions to one country only.

In due time, the pension accrued in Finland is paid to the insured person, regardless of in which country they live. The pension is not paid out automatically but must be claimed.

“Tens of thousands of foreigners work in Finland each year, as seasonal workers or in extensive construction projects. This instructive video provides the information they need on earnings-related pension benefits,” explains  senior policy adviser Hanna Hyttinen.

The video will be shown at various information events at, for example, construction sites and at International House Helsinki, a service point for foreigners in Finland in which the Finnish Centre for Pensions also participates.

Make sure you get your pension from Finland – instructive video in English, Estonian and Russian

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Hanna Hyttinen, Senior Policy Adviser, phone, +358 29 411 2177, hanna.hyttinen(at)

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