Finnish Centre for Pensions – Producer of Statistics

The Finnish Centre for Pensions produces versatile statistics of the Finnish pension system. The statistics include data on the effective retirement age, rehabilitation within the earnings-related pension system, the financing of earnings-related pensions (pension assets, financial statements and earnings-related pension contributions), as well as of the pension recipients and the insured (recipients of the earnings-related and the national pension, new retirees, pension expenditure and the insured for earnings-related pensions).

We have a statutory obligation to produce statistics. Therefore we are entitled to receive data required for our statistical, research and development operations from, among others, registers, earnings-related pension providers and the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela). We are also entitled to combine this data.

The release dates of our statistics are listed in the release calendar on this website. The statistics are published online in the Publications section of this website. They are also published in Julkari, an open publications archive common for the administrative branch of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. In addition to online publications, some of our statistics are available in print. The statistics are also published in our statistical database. Four statistics are published as Official Statistics of Finland (OSF) within the area of Social security.

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Time of release listed in release calendar

The statistical releases of the ongoing calendar year and the estimated times of release are listed in the release calendar on this website. The calendar contains a link to the news about the release of the statistics, the homepage of the statistics or the published statistics.

The release calendar of the next calendar year is done in December of the previous year. It includes the planned release months of the statistics.  There is a separate instruction about the release and surrender of statistics.

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Statistics’ home page offers information

The home pages of all statistics released by the Finnish Centre for Pensions are located under the Statistics section on this website. Each statistics has its own home page, which includes information on the statistics, the definitions and concepts used in the statistics and the released statistics.

Statistical database at your service

The statistical database allows for a flexible utilisation of data. In addition, the statistics can be presented in wider time series than in corresponding online or printed releases, and also in more detail, for example, by earnings-related pension act. The content of the statistical database is continuously improved and expanded.

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Correcting errors

The Finnish Centre for Pensions has released a separate instruction on how to correct an error in a statistics. Errors are to be corrected as soon as possible in all statistical products in which they occur. That way, the users of our statistics always have access to high-quality statistics.

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Releasing personal data for research purposes

Adhering to the principles of the Act on the Openness of Government Activities and the Personal Data Act, personal data on earnings-related pensions and persons insured for earnings-related pensions may be released from the registers of the Finnish Centre for Pensions for scientific research.