Areas of research

  • Retirement on an old-age pension  
  • Retirement intentions  and actual retirement
  • Continued working  and working lives
  • Partial old-age pension 
  • Labour market effects of the increasing statutory retirement age


My research deals with retirement, retirement intentions, continued working and working lives.  My recent projects have dealt with the labour market effects of the increasing statutory retirement age, the effects of the 2017 pension reform on retirement and working careers, socio-economic differences in old-age retirement, partial old-age pension, and retirement intentions.  In my work, I use individual-level register and questionnaire data. I am a Doctor of Economic Sciences (University of Jyväskylä), majoring in national economics. I have specialised in labour economics, regional economics and applicable micro econometrics. 

Ongoing research projects

  • The effect of 2017 pension reform on old-age retirement
  • Relabeling of relaxed disability pension and the risk of early retirement in Finland

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