Areas of research

Pensioner income  

  • income, consumption, wealth , saving
  • subjectively perceived income and life satisfaction  
  • impact of household structure on income  


In my research, I approach economic livelihood and well-being of retirees and people approaching their retirement age from different angles. In addition to the traditional approach of income distribution, I examine the effects of consumption and wealth on the economic well-being of retirees, as well as retirees’ life satisfaction and subjective perception of their livelihood. 

In my doctoral thesis in progress I examine the economic wellbeing of pensioners both via objective (income, consumption, wealth) and subjective (financial satisfaction, life satisfaction) indicators.

Ongoing research projects

  • Pensioners’ financial wellbeing from the point of view of income, consumption, wealth and financial satisfaction (doctoral dissertation)
  • Pensioners’ consumption and observed changes in the 2000s

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