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How does Finland’s pension system compare with other OECD countries?

Register for the research seminar on 4 February 2020:

OECD experts present the results of the most recent Pensions at a Glance report.

The effects of pension reforms and non-standard work on pensions are also among the topics to be discussed at the seminar.

The key speakers include, among others, Hervé Boulhol (OECD), Karl Hinrichs (Univ. of Bremen) and Bernhard Ebbinghaus (Univ. of Oxford).

Anu Polvinen,

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Working old-age pensioners are satisfied with their life

Post-retirement work has become more common in Finland and in other countries in recent years. Older people who continue working after retirement have been found to be happier and healthier than those who are not working, writes Senior Researcher Anu Polvinen.

Harmaasävykuvassa Arie Riekhoff.

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Low-skilled older workers’ and early exit from the labour market: It’s not just who you are and where you work, but also whom you work with

In Finland, like in most other advanced industrialised countries, low-skilled older workers are at a higher risk of early exit from the labour market than their higher-educated peers, writes Senior Researcher Arie Riekhoff. – About Pensions for Experts