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Total Pension in 2017

This review explains how the components which affect the total pension in 2017 are determined. The example tables describe how the total net pension is built up at different income levels. The review surveys how the earnings-related pension, the guarantee pension and the residence-based national pension and its supplements are determined, as well as how the pensions are taxed in the relevant year. The review also contains a more general survey of how pensions are taxed. In addition, the survey compares pensioners’ and wage earners’ tax and contribution burdens at different income levels.

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Divided Europe in terms of pensioners’ economic welfare

Pensioners in Europe have more money to spend today than in the early 2000s. But if we look at this from a more differentiated angle, we see that there is more to the story, writes Senior Researcher Kati Kuitto.

Earnings-related Pension System in Graphs and Figures

Download the slideshow or use it via SlideShare. Earnings-related Pension System in Graphs and Figures includes key information of the Finnish earnings-related pension system.


According to the statistics of the Finnish Centre for Pensions, people in Finland retired on an old-age pension in 2016 at age 61.1 years on average. The effective retirement age was the same as in 2015. The number of new retirees rose to 76,000 persons, of whom 75% retired on an old-age pension.