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Work abroad and the A1 certificate

Visualisation of earnings-related pension money flows

The pension assets of the earnings-related pension scheme grew in 2016 by 9.4 billion euros,  amounting to 190.2 billion euros by year-end.

The earnings-related pension assets at year-end are calculated as the sum of the income of expenditure: by adding the insurance contributions, deducting the pensions paid and taking into account the other money flows.

This visualization of the earnings-related pension money flows illustrates the assets of the earnings-related pension system and their flows in given years.

We should talk!

If pension stakeholders can enter into a successful dialogue, they will be able to make more informed decisions, which can lead to more adequate and sustainable pensions, writes one of the keynotes at the recently held conference “Changing Labour Markets, Life Course and Pensions”, Assisting Professor Kathrin Komp.

Earnings-related Pension System in Graphs and Figures

Download the slideshow or use it via SlideShare. Earnings-related Pension System in Graphs and Figures includes key information of the Finnish earnings-related pension system.


By the end of July, about 9,400 persons had applied for a partial old-age pension. The majority are men working in the private sector. Nearly all take out 50 % of their old-age pension early. The average partial old-age pension is 830 euros per month.