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A total of 55,000 persons retired on an old-age pension in 2015. The old-age pension of women was, on average, 1,515 euros while that of men was EUR 2.083.

The gender gap was particularly prominent in the group of new retirees receiving a monthly pension of 4,000 euros or more. Up to 80 per cent of them were men. Five per cent of all new retirees received a pension higher than 4,000 euros.

“The situation depicts the role and status of men in the Finnish working life,” says Tiina Palotie-Heino, Statistics Manager at the Finnish Centre for Pensions.

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Earnings-related Pension System in Graphs and Figures

Download the slideshow or use it via SlideShare. Earnings-related Pension System in Graphs and Figures includes key information of the Finnish earnings-related pension system.


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