Areas of research

  • Pensioner income  
  • Adequate pension provision  


My research focuses on issues relating to the economic well-being of retirees. In my research, I use extensive individual-level panel data of the overall population.  In addition to research, I write various reports to support pension policy decision-making. I have a Master’s degree in political science and a Licentiate degree in economics. I do research under the title ‘economist’, but I am also well versed with the research field of social policy.  

  • CV (pdf), forthcoming

Ongoing research projects 

The aim of the pension policy is to secure a reasonable level of income (in relation to pre-retirement level) for all pensioners and to prevent poverty. In this study we review how the pension policy aims have been realised in the early stages of retirement. Changes in income at retirement are measured through the pensioner’s own gross or net income and the household-specific equivalent financial income. Where appropriate, the pension replacement rates are also calculated. When assessing changes to the return we consider, among other things, the income and labour market position before retirement, family background and gender. Special attention is paid to new pension benefits, particularly the partial old-age pension.

In the first stage of the study, the changes in income are calculated for those who retired in 2017. In the second stage, the review is expanded to cover the period 2000–2018. This way, we can examine what type of changes have taken place after the early 2000s in the income of the early stages of retirement and what the replacement rate is at retirement in relation to the pre-retirement income. The research data is the income distribution data panel from 1995 to 2018 of Statistics Finland’s covering the entire household population. The study is carried out in cooperation with senior researcher Marja Riihelä of VATT Institute for Economic Research. The first research results are expected to be published towards the end of 2020. 

Schedule: 2020–2021

Researchers: Juha Rantala, Marja Riihelä (VATT Institute for Economic Research)