Areas of research

  • Retiring on a disability pension  
  • Socio-economic differences when retiring on a disability pension  
  • Working while drawing a disability or an old-age pension  


I work as a Senior Researcher at the Finnish Centre for Pensions. My research focuses mainly on themes relating to retirement on a disability pension and working while receiving a disability or an old-age pension. I have also studied the link between disability and a low income in retirement. I have a Ph.D. from the University of Helsinki (2016). In my research, I use extensive register data and questionnaire surveys. 

Ongoing research projects

In this study, we examine the differences in disability retirement between municipal and private sector wage earners. The study is based on available register data of the Finnish Centre for Pensions. Incidences of disability retirement are calculated by various individual-level factors. In addition, sector-specific differences in disability retirement are examined using statistical models so that the effects of individual-level factors are taken into consideration in the models. Retirement on a partial and a full disability pension are examined separately. The cause of disability is also taken into consideration.

Schedule: 2019–2020

Researcher: Anu Polvinen

The main aim of this study is to explore occupational class differences in retirement on a partial and full disability pension due to different diseases in Finland. The data is register data from the Finnish Centre for Pensions and Statistics Finland. Occupational class differences in retirement are studied separately for those working in the private and the municipal sector. Cox regression models are used to model retirement on a full and partial disability pension.

Schedule: 2020–2021

Researcher: Anu Polvinen

The main idea of this study is to examine how often partial disability pensioners move to full disability pension and how age, education, employment, employment sector, pension type and cause of disability are associated with retirement on full pension after partial disability pension.

We used register data (70 % sample from Finns) from Finnish Centre for Pension. The data included 5,277 partial disability pensioners aged 2058, whose partial disability pension started in 2010 or 2011. The follow-up time was four years from the beginning of the partial disability pension. Competing risk analysis was used to model full disability retirement.

Schedule: 2019–2020

Researchers: Anu Polvinen, Mikko Laaksonen

In recent years, working in retirement has become increasingly more popular. In this project we examine how working in retirement has changed in recent years and how long the periods of working in retirement are. Working in retirement is examined both among those on a disability pension and those on an old-age pension. The data is based on composite data of income distribution and pension register data. 

Schedule: 2020–

Researchers: Anu Polvinen