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Atypical employment relationships and employment interruptions are more common among today’s youth in EU countries than among older generations. According to a recent international study, current pension systems do not fully consider these non-continuous and atypical careers. Themes of this study are discussed at the webinar of the Finnish Centre for Pensions on Monday 8 May 2023 at 14.00–16.00 (EEST)/ 13.00–15.00 (CEST). The webinar is in English.

This unique study, conducted within the EU Cost Action YOUNG-IN network offers in-depth evidence on how labour market insecurities and career breaks affect pension adequacy of today’s youth in Europe in the long run. The webinar will present both comparative research and country-specific analysis from Germany and the UK.



  • Dirk Hofäcker (University of Duisburg-Essen) and Kati Kuitto (Finnish Centre for Pensions): 
    How youth employment insecurities challenge future pension adequacy in Europe 
  • Susan Kuivalainen (Finnish Centre for Pensions):  
    European comparison on how pension systems consider early adulthood and life course uncertainties 
  • Traute Meyer (University of Southampton): 
    Manifesting future disadvantage – class, gender and pension accrual of the low-educated young in Europe 
  • Dina Frommert (German Federal Pension Insurance DRV Bund):
    How discontinuities due to unemployment affect outcomes in voluntary pension schemes in Germany 
  • Hayley James (Aston Business School):
    Social, cultural and economic influences on retirement saving for young adults in the UK 


  • Pasi Moisio (Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare THL) 
  • Wouter De Tavernier (OECD)
  • Jussi Karhunen (Finance Finland)


Moderator: Aart-Jan Riekhoff (Finnish Centre for Pensions)

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Updated on 24 April, Wouter De Tavernier and Jussi Karhunen added as commentators.

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