Statistics on financing of pensions

In Finland, earnings-related pensions are financed according to the pay-as-you-go (PAYG) principle and the partial funding principle. For the main part, the pensions paid out in a given year are financed with the pension contributions paid that year. The remaining part is financed with the investment return of the funded pension components.

Earnings related pension money flows 2017

Examine the earnings-related pension money flows in the visualisation

The Finnish Centre for Pensions produces time series from the financial statements of the pension providers. The pension providers deliver also figures to the cost division. The financing of pension tables are published yearly in The Finnish Centre for Pensions statistical database.

Assets and cash flows

The cash flows tables present the financing system of the earnings-related pension scheme from 2007. Tables consist figures of pension assets, insurance contributions, insurance contributions of the unemployment insurance fund, transfers, state shares, compensations paid, overall operating costs and investments returns. More detailed cash flow table of the Employees Pensions Act and Seafarer’s Pension Act (henceforth TyEL and MEL) schemes are shown.

Financial statements figures

The financial statements figures of the pension providers since 2007. Tables consist figures of earnings-related pension insurance, investment operations, paid claims, administrative expenses, technical
provisions and solvency.

Cost division figures

The tables consist figures of paid claims and technical provisions since 2007.

Time series

Statistical database contains time series since 1962 on paid claims, premium income, pension assets, wage sums and numbers of pension providers of the earnings-related pension scheme.

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