Statistics on posted workers

The number of applications we have received for a certificate for a posted worker has increased significantly in the last few years. A rising share of the certificates are for people working in several countries.

Of all the applications for a certificate for an employee working abroad that we received in 2017, roughly 38% were for people working in two or more countries. This trend is rising throughout Europe.

Certificates issued in 2008-2017

Certificates are issued for workers posted to EU/EEA countries (A1) and social security agreement countries. In 2017, we issued over 10,000 certificates. The number has almost doubled in 10 years.


Workers posted from Finland to a range of different countries

Workers are posted from Finland to a wide range of different countries. The list is topped by Sweden, Spain, the USA, Germany, China and Norway. Yet only 18% of all certificates for a posted worker were issued for these six top countries.


Certificates from abroad in 2008-2017

The number of certificates from other countries that we have been informed of has also increased significantly in recent years. Their amount has more than quadrupled in ten years (note that not  all countries inform us of the certificates they have issued).


Countries posting workers to Finland

In 2017, the majority of certificates from abroad that we received came from Estonia, Poland, Germany and Lithuania.  As much as 77 per cent of all foreign certificates that we were informed of came from these four main posting countries.


EU Statistics on EU workforce mobility

The European commission regularly publishes statistics on workforce mobility and issued A1 certificates for workers.

According to the statistics of the Commission, workers posted to another country usually work in the construction business (45% in 2016).  The fields of business are difference in different Member States. The majority of workers posted from Finland are working in the service industry.

The share of people working in several European countries has grown rapidly in the last few years. In 2016, roughly 27 per cent of all posted workers within Europe worked in several countries. The majority of them worked in the transport and storage business.

Statistics of the European Commission: 

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