Our Studies series includes research reports and edited collections on subjects that relate to pensions and pension systems, as well as factors closely affecting them.

Some of our studies are peer-reviewed. In those of our studies that have been peer-reviewed, we use the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies’ logo for peer-reviewed studies. We have committed to following the requirements for use of the peer-reviewed label, as well as the guideline Responsible conduct of research and procedures for handling allegations of misconduct in Finland of the Finnish Advisory Board on Research Integrity.

Vertaisarvioidun tutkimuksen tunnus

The works published before 2016 have been grouped according to the current classification. The studies published as of 2013 are available on this site. All our e-publications are available in Julkari.

Some of the research of the Finnish Centre for Pensions is published in scientific journals and edited collections. When possible, parallel publications of studies published outside the Finnish Centre for Pensions’ own publication series are published in Julkari. Under the open access principle, the works published there are accessible to all. If the entire study cannot be published in Julkari, the referral information of the article will be published there. The publishers of many journals place an embargo of 6–24 months for parallel publications.