Vidlund Mika

15.11.2023 Vidlund Mika

Partial old-age pension gaining ground in Finland – more early old-age pension recipients in Finland than in Norway or Sweden

The partial old-age pension has proved to be a popular pension benefit in Finland. Its popularity grew particular in 2022 and seems to continue. In relation to the population, there are more people on a partial old-age pension in Finland than in Sweden or Norway.

2.6.2022 Vidlund Mika

The effects of pension policy in the Nordics and Estonia 

People retire at a considerably later age in Finland and Denmark than before. In the last decade, these two countries have caught up with the other Nordic countries in this respect. Also in Estonia, people retire at a significantly higher age. In Norway, on the other hand, the effective retirement age has dropped steeply. What pension policy solutions underly the changes?

14.5.2021 Vidlund Mika

How many Big Macs can you buy with your net minimum monthly pension in the Nordic countries?

The minimum net pension in Norway is the highest in all Nordic countries, but the purchasing power is the largest in Denmark. The Danish can buy a Big Mac each day of the year with one month’s minimum pension. The Finns have to settle for a Big Mac every second day. The Swedes get the lowest number of Big Macs with their monthly minimum pension.

26.10.2020 Vidlund Mika

Forewarned is forearmed – automatic stabilizing mechanisms in pension financing in five countries

Our pension system is currently sailing through deep waters. The seas are likely to get rougher in the future. Reduced fertility rates and lower interest rates form dark clouds on the sky over our pension system. The most recent gust of icy winds is the corona pandemic, which has only added to the challenges pension financing faces. Yet it is possible to navigate through the rough seas – partly on automatic pilot.

11.4.2017 Vidlund Mika

Flexible retirement eroding the cliff-edge between work and retirement?

In its latest pension reform, Finland relaxed the rules for retirement, giving people more freedom to combine work and retirement. By introducing a new partial pension, Finland is following the old-age pension scheme design of Sweden and Norway. So far, the experiences from all three countries indicate that people want to combine work and retirement …

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