Investigate, Know and Serve – That’s What We Do

As a statutory co-operation body, we operate in support of a durable, reliable, fair and efficiently organized pension provision.

Clients utilizing our expertise include pension providers in the private and public sectors, the Social Insurance Institution, the authorities, decision-makers, researchers, educational institutions, the media, as well as the insured and policyholders.

We are also an international liaison body; we forward pension applications filed in Finland to pension providers abroad and respond to various pension queries. Our research is highly valued, and we are a research institution accredited by the EU.

Our objectives, administration and funding are defined by the Act on the Finnish Centre for Pensions,  a Council of State regulation on our operations and the working order approved by our Board. We are a private employer, that is, our employments are determined as in the private sector.


Our business idea

We are a statutory developer, expert and joint service producer of earnings-related pensions.

Our vision

Pension expertise at your service

  • We support the realisation of the vision for earnings-related pensions.
  • We are a known and trusted expert on the content and implementation of earnings-related pensions.
  • We are a partner to decision makers, the earnings-related pension field, the media and other parties. They turn to us when they need to solve issues relating to earnings-related pensions.

Vision of earnings-related pensions

The earnings-related pension system is a central part of our welfare society. People trust in it. It is financially sustainable, promotes a stable economy and is efficiently enforced.