Pension assets of authorised pension providers

The private-sector pension assets totalled 134.8 billion euros at the end of 2019, equalling about one third of the current value of pension rights. Authorised pension providers administer 94.5 per cent of the assets, while close to 4.3 per cent is administered by industry-wide and company pension funds and 1.2 per cent by the Seafarer’s Pension Fund (MEK) and the Farmers’ Social Insurance Institution (MELA).

The investment portfolios of individual pension providers differ considerably in size. At the end of 2019, the investment portfolio of the largest pension provider valued 50.5 billion euros while that of the two smallest valued 3.7 billion euros combined. The two largest pension providers controlled approximately 80 per cent of the investments of all pension providers. The investment portfolios of industry-wide pension funds and those of company pension funds totalled 5.8 billion euros.

The Finnish Pensions Alliance TELA presents slides on the short- and long-term development of earnings-related pension asset investments in more detail every three months. The slides present the pension assets in figures (in euros) and the relative percentages per pension institution groups.

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