As of 1996, the pensions of persons who have turned 65 have been adjusted according to the pensioner’s index. The index was renamed at the beginning of 2005 to the earnings-related pension index. The table compares the change in the earnings-related pension index in 1995–2022 to the development of certain other indices:

Nominal increase, %Real-term increase, %
Earnings-level index 114.7 38.2
Index of negotiated wages 72.0 10.7
Earnings-related pension index 57.2  1.2
Full national pension 59.9  2.9
Consumer price index 55.4    –

The earnings-related pension index has risen nominally by 57.2 per cent and in real terms by 1.2 per cent during the reference period.

Thus, the real value of a pension adjusted with the earnings-related pension index has increased, while its relative purchasing power in relation to that of wage-earners has decreased. If the pension in 1995 corresponded to 60 per cent of the average income for wage earners, the proportion was 43.9 per cent in 2022.